How Starting Piano or Guitar Lessons Can Help Band Students Learn Better

Your child may play a band instrument (like trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, flute, or trombone) in school, so why do they need to learn to play another instrument? Piano and guitar are both instruments that form the base for a lot of music. They can be utilized in different ways to enhance or improve playing. We […]

Top 5 Student Trumpets – Choosing an Instrument for a Beginner Trumpet Player

You are here to learn about the top 5 student trumpets. Your child just came home from school today and said “Mommy, I need to get a trumpet for band!” Along with the statement comes a sheet from the band director with a few ‘preferred’ dealers. To your shock and dismay you find that your […]

Best Affordable Student Trumpet Under $300

There are a multitude of inexpensive trumpets available on the market. There are many brands that have come and gone over the years offering various colors, styles, and models of student trumpets. So which trumpet is the best student trumpet? One brand in particular has been consistent for over fifteen years now, and that is […]

Best Student Flutes for Beginners in 2017

What is the best flute for beginners? With a new year often comes new releases in musical instruments. With new models coming out what seems like everyday, it can be easy to get confused as to which flute would be appropriate to buy for a young student or beginning adult. Hyson Music is happy to […]

New Yamaha Intermediate Flutes YFL-362H / YFL-382H / YFL-462H / YFL-482H at Hyson Music!

The new line of Yamaha intermediate flutes includes the successors to the ever-popular step-up instruments the Yamaha YFL-3xx and 4xx series. The new models will continue with the 3 and 4 series designation.

4 Tips for Music Students This Summer

4 Tips for Music Students This Summer   As the school year comes to the close, many students will find themselves occupied with various summer activities. The summer is, without question, the most critical time for a student to maintain a regular practice schedule. The students who practice regularly over the summer will show up […]

Viking M58S Tenor Saxophone Review

A picture of the Viking M58S Tenor Saxophone

Viking M58S Tenor Review   Today, we are going to review the Viking M58S Tenor Saxophone in Gold Cognac finish! Viking Musical Instruments is a small New York based company making a big splash on the saxophone scene. One of their most popular models is the well-reviewed and sought-after Viking M58S Tenor Saxophone, which is […]

Wood Clarinets in a Cold and Dry Climate: A first hand experience

Wood Clarinets in Cold and Dry Climate: A first hand experience   We are located in New York, and this 2014/2015 winter has been a brutal one. It was exceptionally cold, exceptionally dry, and the weather persisted far longer than normal. This weather has wreaked havoc on our display model clarinets. I’d like to share […]